Spanish Language Marketing

Now more than ever, it’s imperative for marketers to understand what it takes to reach the Spanish language customer segment and build a proper marketing strategy that’s thoughtful, effective and appeals to their specific interests and preferences.  Foxed Up is all about that.  We are Spanish language marketing specialists.  We use effective and thought provoking methodology to engage the latino audience with your brand.


It’s not enough to speak and market in Spanish, it’s about connecting with the cultural identity of the consumer.  The latino audience loves variety, and even more when it comes in the form of online video.  On average, they visit nearly nine different sites, apps and services to view this content over a 30-day period. This presents a huge opportunity for marketers to implement a multi-pronged digital content strategy, where language can strategically be used across multiple touchpoints.

It’s not just about speaking Spanish

A national study conducted last summer indicated that the latino audience is quickly replacing traditional television, spending a majority of their time watching online content. Moreover, they’ve become a mobile-first generation: Over the last few  years, their time spent on mobile video increased by 53 percent, and is even higher for those who are Spanish-dominant, with 94 percent who watch video at least once a week. It allows them to watch whenever, wherever they are. And that’s huge for marketers.

Spanish language marketing is one of our specialities within the automotive segment.